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Digital Novels is a digital production company born with the purpose of making highly customizable videos. Christmas, Birthdays, Easter Day, Halloween…All these important occasions are always characterized by a magic atmosphere and deserve to be experienced happily.

Digital Novels has the artistic and technological competences to make any kind of video for any kind of customer, even for those tech-enthusiasts who like having fun with 3D and VR Technologies.

What makes Digital Novels stand out amongst all the other efficient personalized AV experience providers available on the internet? DN products are always characterized by a one of a kind artistic content, along with realistic and original images and scripts. In fact, we will soon be using cartoon and other famous characters for our videos, in order to provide our customers and their beloved ones with a more enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

We promise you that DN staff will always be committed to providing you with a product which will always be as qualitative, or more, as this first Santa video.

You are also invited to tell us about any kind of innovative idea you might be hit upon. Our staff is always happy to interact with our customers and take their ideas and proposals into consideration. Feel free to contact us through our contact section!

Our research laboratory is constantly developing new artistic contents and technical solutions in order to get you always more involved in our mission, which is that of giving you the opportunity not only to personalize high-quality theme videos but also do it in a cutting-edge way. We are going to be providing you with an outstanding and unforgettable experience. This is what our dream is all about.

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P.iva: 02280280443

Christmas is an unforgettable moment of joy

Amaze your child with a beautiful video gift in which Santa will personally interact with them
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The video is about an exciting adventure in Santa’s house, a magic place that only few lucky kids are allowed to enter… Click on the link below and follow the instructions.
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