Santa’s Tale

Dear Friends, Christmas is coming up soon and this year, just as ever, I am thrilled to come to your house and give you the gift you have always dreamed of. Yes, my little friends! This year you will see me magically appear in your houses for real. Maybe in the living room, or next to your Christmas tree, who knows! You will certainly find it out by watching the personalized video I will give you, which you will watch with your beloved ones on Christmas morning.
You will find so many wonderful surprises, like my lovely assistant Novel, a small robotic flying ball with magic feelers, which will give off all the colors in the universe and will take us on this unforgettable journey.
And my reindeer friends, as well, which will try to convince me that you are good kids and deserve the gift you are asking for! Oh yes, you will see how strongly they will support you!
Now, I had better stop right here, you know, I don’t want to unravel all the beautiful secrets you will discover in the video, I can only tell you that I will welcome you in my magic house and I will pay you a visit in your house too!
Dear little friends, Christmas is around the corner, and it is time for you to start writing your Christmas letter and give it to your parents, I am sure they will know how to deliver it properly!
I will see you soon.
Sincerely yours,
Father Christmas

Christmas is an unforgettable moment of joy

Amaze your child with a beautiful video gift in which Santa will personally interact with them
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