Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is it difficult to personalize my video?
Of course not, it is incredibly easy! Just follow the easy instructions you will be given throughout the whole video making process. You only have to upload 4 pictures and the rest will follow of itself.

2. Is it possible to make the video through a smartphone?
Absolutely, you can upload all the pictures from your smartphone in a blink of an eye and then go onto download the video on your device. However, we always recommend our customers download their videos on their laptop, since downloading the video on smartphones can be a little tricky sometimes and it usually takes a longer time. Anyway, as soon as your video is ready, you will receive an E-Mail with your video attached, which means that you can download it on any device you want.

3. What is the difference between Digital Novels products and all the other apps I can find for free on the net?
The service we will be providing you with is 100% personalized. In fact, it took us effort and commitment to be able to give our customers an incredible artistic high-quality experience. Our purpose is to make children happy by having them experience an unforgettable moment of joy.

4. When do I receive the video?
You will be sent an email with the video attached 2 hours after you have processed your order. However, it might sometimes take us up to 72 hours to send you your video when our system gets overloaded.

5. Will it be possible for me to modify my video once I have made my order?
It is not possible to modify the video once the order has been processed. In fact, your video will be produced and personalized for you by our system right after we receive your order. This is to make sure that you will receive your video in the smallest amount of time.

6. What is the difference between the one-child video and the collective video?
The difference between the two versions is very slight and it only concerns the number of children appearing on screen.

7. What am I supposed to do if I happen to have problems downloading the video? Who can I ask for help?
It is a remote possibility, since our system is perfectly tested and functioning. However, our staff is always willing to help, you only have to reach out for us at

8. What device can I use to show the video to my kids?
You will receive your video via E-Mail and you will be able to save it to a USB drive, your laptop or a DVD. You can also display the video on TV, smartphone and tablet.

9. What about the video resolution?
The video is full—HD. Therefore, if you own a HD Television you can have the best high definition visual experience. In case you do not have a full-HD TV, don’t worry, the video will automatically adjust to your TV video resolution.

10. Am I guaranteed that all the information and images that I will send you will remain private?
Our purpose is to use your information and pictures ONLY to personalize your video. No other use will be made of your personal information and pictures. See the Privacy section for further information.

11. My device can not display the video. What can I do?
If your device doesn’t seem to be able to display the video, then it is likely that your laptop needs to be updated. Make sure that you have the latest version of Adobe Flash and the other required codecs. If your computer is updated, then you will not run into any problem. No other problem related to other devices has ever been mentioned to us.

12. Is it possible to download the video on Apple devices?
Apple devices require an easy way to download the video. You must download the Documents by Readdle application (for free) from the App Store. When the app opens, a menu will appear to the left where the browser will appear. Go to the browser, go to the website to view his e-mail, go to the e-mail we sent you to download the video and click on "Download". You should open a popup window to save files with the Save button on the right and the destination of the video in the Documents / Download folder of the Documents app. Save the video and download it in the folder we wrote in the upper part of the app. Of course, in this guide you can download the video on iPad and iPhone.
13. Why can't I insert photos from my smartphone?
It's a problem of permissions, the smartphone blocks the opening of the gallery or photo folder from our site. If you are using Chrome and you are unable to open the photo or gallery folder the problem is always with the permissions given to the application. To remove this block of permissions on Android, go to the settings-> App-> Chrome-> Permissions and activate the Storage and Camera options. The same thing must be done for the Firefox application and the Internet owner of the smartphone.

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