Terms and Conditions of Use

Digital Novels is a registered trademark belonging to Digital Novels srl

Via G. Agnelli 22/24 - 63900 Fermo(FM) - Italia
P.iva: 02280280443

Digital Novels (DN) provides you with a wide range of on-line commercial services encompassing photography and other digital contents. Our service specifically concern the customization and reproduction of personalized video contents for our customers as well as the distribution of such contents.
The present conditions of use are applicable to all the services we provide through our website; unless an adverse regulation is implemented, any enhancement regarding one or more of all the services mentioned above and any other new service provided by DN will unilaterally undergo the following Conditions of Use.
In order to have access to our website and benefit from the services we provide, the customer is required to have a fully functioning internet connection ( whose related costs are fully at their expense) and all the other tools required for downloading internet data, files and digital pictures.
By accessing our website and using the services we provide, the user accepts our Terms and Conditions of use without reserve.

Prices and Payments
Prices are indicated on our website and are not modifiable. Our reference currency is Dollars.
Purchases can be made online through a protected payment system or any other method mentioned on the website.
Your order will be confirmed as effective only after your payment request has been accepted by your reference bank.
In case the bank refuses your payment request, your order will suddenly be cancelled and you will be sent an e-mail confirming the cancellation of your order (you will be notified of your failed order both on our website and your mail box).
All the submitted information about yourself are fully binding. DN is not responsible for any inconvenience related to the submission of wrong information.

Service Delivery
Our service is delivered within 72 hours to our customers’ personal e-mail address, which we are given when customers make and confirm their order. DM undertakes to refund its customers with the entire amount of money they pay to benefit from our services, but only in case the order is not processed and delivered within an amount of time of 72 hours as previously mentioned. Customers can require a refund by contacting our customer care office at this link: Assistance and Information

Conditions of use modification
Conditions of Use can be modified by DM any time and without notice. Pages and contents belonging to our website that relate to the Conditions of Use form an integral part thereof. In addition, further complementary conditions can be added to the existing conditions in case promotional campaigns are implemented by DM; complementary conditions of use will be considered prevailing in case of contradiction with the existing conditions of use. DM reserves the right to modify the service it provides and temporarily or permanently cease business without any notice.
In case of conditions of use modification, DM does not have any responsibility towards its customers, or other third parties, for interrupting or suspending its activities, unless DM does not undertake to refund its customers as previously stated.

Personal Information
DM does not keep any of its customers’ debit or credit card details, nor it distributes such details or its customers’ personal financial information to third parties. Please check the “Privacy” section for further information about the processing of personal data.

Right to reimbursement
The right to reimbursement concerning correspondence and electronic purchasing, which is laid down by the Italian legislation, is not applicable in case of customized product provision
The aforesaid products fall into the category of those products which are chosen by customers according to their personal taste. Therefore, such goods are neither reusable nor resaleable in any way by DN.
In case of any defect in the product we sell ( e.g. pictures improperly loaded, incomplete video, technical errors), the customer is entitled to a refund of money paid over.

Final Provisions
Although it may not be specifically mentioned in this regulation, all rules universally applicable under both Italian National Law and Italian Civil Code will apply, as well as all the rules concerning the Law on sale provisions, the Law on provision of electronic service, the law on protection of personal data and the law on protection of consumer rights.
The abovementioned regulations do not exclude and do not limit customers’ rights and are in accordance to the Civil Code and all the other provisions applicable under the Italian National Law. These regulations entered into force on 11.01.2016.

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