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The following information concern various cookie types and specify how cookies are used on our website.
Here you can find all the information you need about the use we make of cookies on and all you need to know in order to identify and disable them.
This Policy can be updated any moment in case of modification of the current legislation or due to alteration of the configuration of the cookies being in use.

What are cookies
Cookies allow us to identify users as soon as they connect with us through the internet and help them move through our website more easily. Our system uses temporary cookies, which are of limited duration and are suddenly deleted as soon as customers closes the browser, and persistent cookies, which get stored in the browser database for a longer period of time. These cookies remain in the browser database until they expire or get deleted by users themselves.

What Cookies we use and why uses the following Cookie categories:
Session cookies ( or technical cookies): they are temporary cookies which allow the user to have access to the personalized services we provide them with and fully benefit from the functionalities of our website.  

Analysis Cookies:they are both temporary and permanent cookies and they help us collect information about the behaviors our customers display while they are visiting our website. We use such information and data in order to provide customers with a better and more accurate internet service. However, the information we collect through these cookies do not concern our customers’ personal details since such data are totally anonymous. We specifically use Google Analytics cookies in the rules being mentioned so far.  

Social Cookies:they come from other social media and websites we are directly linked to through different addresses and internet functionalities. The use of such functionalities implies information exchange with the above mentioned websites, which are the ones responsible for regulating information management and privacy policies.

Customers are invited to carefully check the following websites’s privacy policies:

Accepting or refusing cookies is your right
By visiting our website, you implicitly agree to accept the use of the aforesaid cookies. Browsers are generally set to accept the use of those cookies coming both from our website and from other sources. It is also possible to modify the abovementioned settings and choose among the following: unconditional cookie acceptance, visualization of a pop-up window requiring users’ explicit action, cookie refusal.

In order to manage cookies properly, it is necessary to change the settings of your browser through your browser toolbar.

Following we have listed some useful links for you to get more information about cookies management arrangements in most popular browsers:

Internet Explorer: Cookie Management
Mozilla Firefox: Enable and disable cookies
Google Chrome: Cookie Management
Opera: Cookie management
Safari: Cookie management

It also possible to disable Google Anlytics cookies by downloading the additional components for your browser from Google official website (Google GaOptOut)

Please remember that you are required to change the cookie settings of your device and any other browser that you use on a regular basis in order to disable cookies.

In order for you to properly make use of our website and fully benefit from its functionalities, we recommend you accept cookies belonging both to this website and to other third parties.  

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